Social Media Marketing Strategy

Like many businesses, our strategy is driven by the ever-changing market. As many of you are aware, the social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest change their algorithms frequently. Some channels make changes as frequent as weekly.  In addition to the frequent changes, they are often adding new services. For example "Stories, Reels, Feed Posts". As a result of these changes, we must determine, for each of our clients, the best strategy changes to effectively manage their goals... Increasing their bottom line.
As your social media marketing coach, I am committed to staying abreast of all the changes and implement them to more effectively reach the clients goals.
I actively participate in Masterclasses weekly ( 15-20 hours per week ). That allows me to make the adjustments that are best for your business. What a restaurant needs may differ greatly from an Attorney, Retail Store, Home Repair Services, etc.