Welcome Meet Your Coach
Hello and Welcome. I'm Leigh Somers... I'm here to help you increase your customer base, fill those empty seats and increase your bottom line. Let me tell you what qualifies me as an Expert by sharing a little about my background and experience.
Academic Stuff...
I hold both a B.S. and M.S. from Florida State University. Served as a Professor of Computer / Information Sciences and International Financial Crimes ( fancy title for White Collar Crimes ) at the State University of New York, College of Technology & Syracuse University (Adj. Professor). I am the author of a book titled, "Economic Crimes", pub. Clark Boardman Callihan (West Law Publications), NYC / London.  ISBN 0-87632-431-6. I currently spend between 15-20 hours a week, in Masterclasses, keeping up with the weekly changes to the algorithms in Social Media platforms (channels).  I am a Lifelong Learner and enjoy learning how to help you grow your business.
Now My Business Experience
30+ years of owning and supporting businesses in a large number of industries. 12 years of experience providing successful coaching and management of Social Media Marketing services - Restaurants, Retail, Wholesale, Products & Services... Yes, I too am over the age of 45+ and did not grow up with cell phones, tablets, and laptops. I'm here to help people in our age group to use the current tools to increase their business.
Much more, but I feel like I am bragging, but enough I believe you see a snapshot of who I am. Give me a call or text me and let's discuss your business and how I may help you.
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